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MarZé Scott 

Aisha couldn’t have known how much her existence would change the summer before her tenth birthday. Her family, and life as she knew it, was turned upside down after a tragic accident that left her an only child to her widowed mother. A family secret and an arrangement sent her two hundred fifty miles from her home only to be given into the hands of her treacherous new guardian, Angel. A new identity and routine were given in exchange for her freedom—Gemini was born.
Twelve years later, Gemini has secrets of her own that she needs to keep from her coworkers at the accounting firm of McFadden and Tate and Zephyr Gray, a top executive at the company. Gemini fights to keep her attraction for Zephyr hidden, but a turn of events uncovers her feelings and her secret. Now, she has to figure out how to reclaim her freedom without getting herself or Zephyr, killed.

Award-winning real estate developer, Kaleb Valentine, is known for turning failing communities into thriving havens in the Metro Detroit area. Kaleb's business investments always brought excellent returns and put him on track for multi-million-dollar status. That is until five bodies are found in a house fire in one of the properties he purchased on the South Side of Chicago. This puts Kaleb deep in the middle of an intense criminal investigation led by a detective who has a personal vendetta. Not to mention, Kaleb is forced to revisit a life he barely escaped as a teen which threatens a new love interest before the relationship lands on solid ground.
Skyler Pierson has no time for romance, let alone love. So, it's unexpected that when Kaleb shows up to volunteer at her place of employment, the walls around her heart begin to crumble. When Kaleb asks Skyler for what seems to be a simple favor, she soon discovers that asking one too many questions puts her in the kind of danger she thought she'd managed to distance herself from years before.
The circumstances surrounding Kaleb's background bring up his past and threatens his success, his life, and his new love. How far will Kaleb's enemies go to take him down?

  High school sweethearts Daylin Montgomery and Elijah Hargrove were anything but sweet. Maurice Wilson was always the perfect gentle and Daylin's newfound best friend. When Elijah is found dead, Daylin is on the run as the prime suspect in his murder. Will Maurice be able to shield her from the investigation that sets her world upside down?

(Available in ebook only)

  Single mothers who are eligible for release, have totally disappeared from the Alabama justice system. Women's advocate, Meghan Turner, has uncovered a disturbing pattern and she’s desperate for help. Then her worse nightmare becomes a horrific reality when her friend goes missing under the same mysterious circumstances.
  Rory Tannous has spent his life helping society’s most vulnerable. When he learns of Meghan’s dilemma, he takes it personally. Rory has his own tragic past and he’ll utilize every connection, even the King of the Castle, to help this intriguing woman find her friend and the other women.
As Rory and Meghan work together, the attraction grows and so does the danger. The stakes are high and they will have to risk their love and lives to defeat a powerful adversary.

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